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Magic Profiles Pro (UIQ)

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Magic Profiles Pro (UIQ)
Version: 1.2

Platforms: Symbian OS, UIQ

Categories: System Utilities

Upload date: 14 Oct 11

Developer: SymbianWave

License: Shareware

Price: 19.95 $

Downloads: 9
File Size: 75 Kb
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Rating: 3.0/5 (Total votes: 1)

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Magic Profiles Pro (UIQ) - Magic Profiles Pro is the best utility for Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910 devices that allows you to manage various phone profiles, to enable a full call management, to set profiles according to your location in GSM network and much more as system sounds and Bluetooth control.

Using Magic Profiles Pro, you will never experience any problems enabling, for example, a silent mode for night time or meetings, a loud mode for an outside or car driving, and much more, any imaginable alert settings. You can bind these profiles not only to 24-hours' grid, but for workdays and holidays, defining rules and exceptions. Your smartphone will automatically switch between the profiles offering a comfortable work with the device.

Our handy call manager will give you the full power of controlling incoming calls. You can create white and black lists with any corresponding actions, from rejecting a call to forwarding, sending SMS and more.

With various profiles, you can control the most of phone features in just one touching of your smartphone's screen. Change rings, sounds, messages, vibrations, sound volume of ring and talking, at one moment! Using this application you can create any number of profiles and switch between them instantly - in the same way as on an ordinary mobile phone.

Magic Profiles Pro understands your Calendar's appointments and follows them. Now and forever you can forget all about these manipulations with ring volume, melodies, vibrating alerts, etc.

At last but not at least, Magic Profiles Pro can determine your location within a GSM network (using cell ids). You will never make a mistake enabling profiles being at work or at home, because Magic Profiles Pro always knows where you are.

Working with Magic Profiles Pro

To open Magic Profiles Pro, tap its icon in the Applications list. Alternatively, go to Control Panel > General > Magic Profiles Pro. Now let's go through all the tabs to learn this application.


It's the main screen with general settings. Here you can:
- Enable the program itself. When enabled, Magic Profiles Pro replaces the standard sound dialog and allows you to switch between profiles in one tap. The program must be enabled to work.
- Enable automatic profiles' switcher. When disabled, you can work with Magic Profiles Pro in manual mode.
- Enable cell id support. You can bind profiles to your location within a GSM network. So you'll be able to create various profiles for your home, work, favorite pub and so on.

Other settings include:
- Send to background after profile selection in FC mode. This may be useful if you prefer to return to default screen when working with Magic Profiles Pro in Flip Closed mode.
- Show status icon. Status icon can show you the current state: white list, black list, rejecting all calls, automatic switching enabled (see below for details).

Status icon

Magic Profiles Pro can show a status icon both in FO and FC modes:
- FO: black list mode (do not accept calls from the black list);
- FO: white list mode (accept calls only from the white list);
- FO: reject all calls;
- FO: (green clock) - automatic profile switching enabled;
- FC: black list mode (do not accept calls from the black list);
- FC: white list mode (accept calls only from the white list);
- FC: reject all calls.


Here you can view, create, edit and delete profiles. You can have as many profiles as you wish.

To create a new profile, tap the button with the plus sign, then enter a desired name for this profile.

To sort profiles, use "arrow up" and "arrow down" buttons. To edit a profile, use the pencil button. To delete a profile, tap the cross sign.

In the General tab you can choose:

- a working mode for the profile. Silent mode means that all sounds will be disabled, and the Flight mode means disabling all the phone functions.
- incoming calls choice:
Accept all calls - all calls will be accepted. You can check "Reject hidden calls" box to made an exclusion for unknown callers.
Reject all calls - all incoming calls will be rejected.
Reject all with custom action - you can set a default action (Send busy tone, Reply by SMS, Divert calls, Mute the ringer) later in "Advanced" tab. You can also set a contact group to use for this profile/action. Note that Magic Profiles Pro supports groups from Contacts application and its own groups as well!
Black list - do not accept calls from the Black list. You should also select a contacts group to consider them as black list callers. "Reject hidden calls" box works as usual.
White list - accept calls from the White list only. You should also select a contacts group to consider them as white list callers. "Reject hidden calls" box works as usual.

In the Sounds tab you can specify any sound for every incoming event. (Note: P900 has an additional option titled "Ring (voice) Line 2").

In the System sounds tab, you can set following sounds:

Keypad: Unchanged, Tone beep, Click, Silent
Touch screen: Unchanged, Click, Silent
Reminder: Default melody, Find sound, Silent, Unchanged
Alarm sound: Default melody, Find sound, AlarmTone, AlarmClick, Classical, Silent, Unchanged

In the Volume, you can change a sound volume, turn an increasing ring on/off, switch a vibrating alert on and off.

In the Advanced, you can:

- change some other setting as melodies for area info, auto setup and default alarm sound (last option is for P900 only).
- set default reject option (see General - Incoming calls option above):
Send busy tone - hang-ups the phone and sends busy signal to the caller. This can be useful if you do not wish to speak with anyone.
Reply by SMS - hang-ups the phone and sends SMS to the caller. You'll need to enter a SMS text. This option can be used, for example, to inform your callers that you are busy at this moment.
Divert calls - diverts incoming calls to another phone (you'll need to enter the phone number). Extremely useful feature that lets you stay online in any place! Note it will affect global divert settings on your phone!
Mute the ringer - disables the ringer sound. You will not hear anything during a call.

In the Bluetooth tab, you can control your Bluetooth settings.

Time table

Now, after creating some profiles, it's high time you bind them to working hours (or days).

Here again you can view, create, edit and delete time table rules. When the autoswitcher is enabled, Magic Profiles Pro automatically switches between profiles following these rules. Note that every rule has an activation time only. This means that current profile will work until next one is activated (manually or automatically).

You may create as many time table rules as you wish, and make any settings! There can be a rule for every day, for any day of week, etc.


Not only to time settings, you can bind profiles to Calendar's entries!

- Enter a "Holiday" word. When Magic Profiles Pro finds this word in your Calendar entry, it always considers this day as a holiday. This will help you to create exceptions for other rules (extra holidays, vacations, calendar changes, etc). Note: you should create an "All day event" Calendar entry! You may also use "Location" field.
- Enter a "Workday" word. When Magic Profiles Pro finds this word in your Calendar entry, it always considers this day as a working day. This will help you to create exceptions for other rules (extra working days, calendar changes, etc). Note: you should create an "All day event" Calendar entry! You may also use "Location" field.

Create some rules which will work with special keywords. You should use these keywords in your Calendar when you want to tell Magic Profiles Pro if you are on a meeting etc. For example, create here a necessary rule for *meeting* word. Then, enter this word (exactly) in one of your Calendar entries. When Magic Profiles Pro finds this word, your phone will be automatically switched to the according profile. You may also use "Location" field.


Magic Profiles Pro can use GSM cell ids to recognize your location within a network. Here you can edit various locations and bind your profiles to them.

This feature can be very useful if you like to bind profiles to your location. For example, create a profile "Office", associate it with cells (every location can have several cells) - that's all! Now you don't have to think about other rules (time table, calendar) when you are at office.
Whenever you leave the office the scheduled profile will get activated and whenever you get back to the office, the office profile will get activated!

You can work with locations (globe icon) as usual: sort, add, edit, delete. Cells (antenna icon) may be deleted only.


Magic Profiles Pro can automatically detect car kit connection and acivate the corresponding profile! Now you can forget about time settings or locations while travelling to office or returning home in the car. Car mode is the best wat to activate the necessary profile.

Even if you don't have a car, you can use Car mode on external power connection.

Contact lists

Here you can create your own groups of contacts for "Black list" / "White list" / "Reject with custom action" modes. Magic Profiles Pro uses standard Contacts database, but can handle its own groups with custom settings.

Note that you can place one contact in any number of groups. Every contact can have its own Reject action and its own SMS text.


Here you can set some options related to SMS.

When a profile's default reject action is set to "Reply by SMS", you may want to limit SMS number to save money (1...2 per day, 1...4 per hour, Unlimited).

You can also set a "Send to" option:
Caller - sends SMS directly to the caller
Cell phone only - sends SMS only to a cell phone
Caller's cell phone (if defined) - looks for the caller's cell number in the phonebook and sends SMS to this number if found

Profile priorities

You must know about priorities to customize your profiles correctly. Here are the default priorities (see below how to control them):
1. Calendar (the highest priority).
2. Locations.
3. Time table (the lowest priority).

Time rules have their own priorities: first weekday rules, then workday/weekend rules follow, and then every day rules at last. For example, you made such settings:
- Calendar rule with the keyword *meeting* -> profile Meeting;
- Time table rules:
- - 09:00 / Monday -> profile Profile1
- - 09:00 / Workday -> profile Profile2
- - 09:00 / Weekend -> profile Profile3
Then if you have a Calendar entry "Monday, 09:00-09:30, *meeting*", the Meeting profile will be set on this day, at this time (9:00). At 9:30, the Profile1 will be activated. On Tuesday-Friday, the Profile2 will work. And on Saturday-Sunday, the Profile3 will finish the week.

Magic Profiles Pro v1.2 allows you to control (change) rules priorities.
Default - doesn't change rule priority;
High - overrides Locations' priority;
Highest - overrides Calendar's priority.

Here is the arranged table:
1 - Time table (default; can be changed to High and Highest);
2 - Locations (default; can be changed to Highest);
3 - High priority;
4 - Calendar (this value cannot be changed);
5 - Highest priority.

For example, you may want to enable Flight mode on 01:00 independently of your location, Calendar entries and so on. In this case you should create a Time table rule and set its priority to Highest.

Quick access to all profiles / Magic Profiles Pro' preferences

To have quick access to all of your profiles from any application, simply tap the sound icon on your statusbar.

You'll get our advanced dialog where you can choose any profile and perform some minor settings such as volume control and automatic switching enabling. However, keep in mind that if you like to keep a manually chosen profile, then the autoswitcher must be disabled (otherwise it will automatically switch between profiles as usual).

Also you can see your current location (lower box titled "Office" on the left screenshot above). Tapping this box will call a corresponding menu allowing to work with a current cell.

At last, now you have an easy access to all Magic Profiles Pro' preferences - just tap the "Prefs" button.

Flip-Closed mode

You can work with Magic Profiles Pro in FC mode. Run Magic Profiles Pro as usual.

Left screen: profile "Home" selected, autoswitching is on (green icon), cell id support is on (location bar visible), current location is "Home".
Right screen: profile "Office" selected, autoswitching is off (red icon), cell id support is on (location bar visible), current location is "Home".

When you choose a profile (manually), you'll get a message "Profile XXX activated". Note that the autoswitcher will be disabled (automatically), otherwise it could override this manual profile selection.

Left screen: FC menu. Here you can control autoswitching and work with cell support. Cell id is always linked with a location, therefore you can: either disassociate linked cell ("4236" here) or associate unlinked cell with a location.
Right screen: cell id unavailable (cannot be determined by the program).

You may press "C" button to access the scheduler's menu.

Default profile

It is always recommended to create a so-called Default profile. This profile will be activated if there are no other rules active at this moment. A very useful feature!

To use a Default profile, create a new rule in the time table:
00:00 Everyday -> Normal
("Normal" is a name of the profile you want to use by default). Thus, this rule will have the lowest priority. It will only work if there are no other rules active at this time. Note that everyday, at 0:00, your profile will be changed to the Default one.

Compatibility and installation. Uninstallation/updating

This program has been successfully tested on SonyEricsson P800 and P900 smartphones. We cannot guarantee its work on other devices. Be sure to backup your smartphone before installing any program.

We always recommend to install the program on D: drive (Memory Stick card). In case you have any problems, remove Memory Stick card, boot up your phone, wait 2 minutes (this is important!), then insert the card, then uninstall Magic Profiles Pro.

To upgrade from Magic Profiles:
1. Uninstall Magic Profiles (see below for details).
2. Reboot the phone (turn it off/on).
3. Remove SystemDataMagic Profiles.ini (if exists).
4. Install Magic Profiles Pro.

To update Magic Profiles Pro:
1. Disable the program (in its main menu).
2. Close Control Panel (with any task manager).
3. Update Magic Profiles Pro by installing a new version.

To uninstall Magic Profiles Pro:
1. Disable the program (in its main menu).
2. Uninstall the program as usual.
· 15 days trial

What's New in This Release:

· Added: selectable profile priorities; car mode; "mute the ring" option; alarm sound selection; reminder sound selection; SMS delivery report. Flight mode switching is absolutely reliable now. All known bugs are fixed.

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Supported operating systems: UIQ 2.0

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